Crone of Wands is a sacred container created by Christianna Wincek to explore self healing, transformation and empowerment through tarot, plants, and magic.  

β€œIn my own healing journey, what I have found most transformational and impactful, is when I started taking an active role in my own healing process.  One of the things I most needed was to take power back after a lifetime of feeling powerless.  By choosing to take an active role, we take power back into our own hands, power that has been stripped from us through whatever wounds the world has inflicted.

Crone of Wands is my vehicle to support you in this process, on your own journey through teaching and mentoring, as well as the one on one guidance offered by my readings.  Negotiating this reclaiming is a deeply individual task, but we all need and deserve to be supported in our process. Healing is truly non-linear, and I've come to believe we do not get better, just deeper.  I look forward to supporting you in this deepening.” 


Christianna lives in a small, enchanted house in Portland, Oregon protected by yarrow and mullein volunteers and an elder rosemary bush. In conjunction with her life as the Crone, she holds down a full time job leading a team of talented designers, and is passionate about creating space to support women, and foster broader diversity in the corporate design world. She is always renegotiating this balance of witch and career woman. Beyond this, she spends her cherished personal time naming the hummingbirds in her garden, petting plants in the forest or netflixing like the rest of America.