Tarot Readings

I offer 90 minute, distance tarot readings via Skype. This longer reading will allow us to explore in depth a key topic or issue you are looking for guidance on. I will craft a custom spread specific to your inquiry at the beginning of our session and together we will explore the energy and context surrounding your situation or this time in your life. After your reading you will received a PDF with your spread, as well as a custom spread created for you to follow up on the themes that emerged during our time together. These readings are intended to give you guidance to support you on your personal healing journey, and are ideal for those times when you need some back up, added clarity on context all held in the space of a sacred container.

Workshops and Retreats


I am currently expanding what I am offering in the space of teaching and guiding. All of my workshops are centered around the ideals of self healing and empowerment, and focused on providing you tools and processes to support you on your personal healing journey. For more on what I mean by the phrase “self healing” see my blog post on the topic. For details on current and upcoming workshop and retreat offerings, visit the Events page.